Your Accommodation

We normally only have one couple aboard  to ensure maximum comfort for you.  However it may be possible to accommodate two single guests or additional members of the same party - please ask when booking.

Star Trips has one guest cabin at the bow with a 4' double bed. (alongside berths for crew and occasional extra guests elsewhere).


There is storage in your room for your clothes, but the space is limited so we ask that you pack your “kit” in a soft holdall wherever possible as this takes up a lot less space.





Your guest room also has a tv and sockets to plug in your mobile phone etc.

The bathroom has a macerator  toilet (which is a bit similar to an aeroplane toilet).  The only difference is that you mustn’t flush anything other than the toilet roll provided otherwise we could spend the week with a blocked toilet which would hold up your holiday.  There is also a decent sized modern shower and sink unit.


Guests and crew share our lovely bathroom but we do have a separate crew toilet should the need arise.